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And now the one you've all been waiting for... [02 Apr 2006|01:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Goodness it's been a terribly long time since I updated. All my entries now start like this. It is a habit I must break. The tsrting like this, not thw lack of updating. That's probably a good thing as it means I'm out doing things rather than writing about not doing things. I had a point honest. I refuse to ramble any more.


Holiday picked up considerably, not least when Robert and Claire came to visit me :D:D:D:D:D I had sooooo much fun, it was lovely to see them. Even if I did have to work but they toddled off to Leeds for the day so it was OK. It also drizzled fairly persistently the entire time (or at least whenever we went out) so even the weather did its Yorkshire thing specially for them.

Turned nineteen as well. Go me! I went shopping intending to spend cashloads of cash but instead managed only to buy little purchases amounting to about £15, and most of that was in Whittards. I now have a stupendous range of teas for next term. If they last that long. Doubtful.

I've also morphed into a baking fiend somewhat. So all is good! I want to make gypsy creams again (gypsy creams a la Kirsty, with ginger as opposed to chocolate) which were amazingly tasty but I also want to be adventurous and bake new things. Hmmmmm. Decisions.

Home friends are home, Poirot is on a lot, Oxford friends have visited, tea is being consumed in vast quantities and me and Dad found a map of the Meltham way so life is good! As the expresison goes.

I've even done quite a lot of revision having learned from last holiday's slightly poor planning with regards to I-needed-two-weeks-off-to-relax-but-alas-now-I-can't-fit-all-my-revision-in.

Now if you'll excuse me, Fourier series, Taylor expansions and multivariable calculus call.

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I virtually never do this any more. [12 Mar 2006|08:37pm]
[ mood | Not sure; it looks like this. ]

Introspection to the nth degreeCollapse )

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Tralalalalalala [10 Feb 2006|07:20am]
[ mood | Giddy! ]

The weather is so excessively nice at the moment isn't it? Makes one glad to be alive sort of thing. Am sincerely enjoying myself currently and am about to embark on a weekend of culture beginning with the OUOs rendition of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. This does mean that I am going to have wildly overspent this week and also means that I definately shouldn't have bought that pink sandwich (I was pink! Who wouldn't buy a pink chicken tandoori sandwich on rustic ciabatta with red onion, cucumber and lettuce?) from Harvey's but it was tooooo yummy so never mind.

To sum up stuff I've been doing:

Lectures - Good now that I now pass notes/ eat sweeties/ play hangman rather than bothering to filter information through grey matter. Hand is capable of taking full set of notes on its own initiative leaving said grey matter to apply itself to the aformentioned sweeties etc.

Tutes - Tutors have all simultaneously decided that Claire and I are fabadab at mathematics so all our tutes finished early this week as they have nothing further to teach us. Seemed unfair and petty to disabuse them of notion.

Pool - I suck.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Amazing film. Loved it. Made up for Brokeback Mountain fiasco.

Jeeves and Wooster - Sheer brilliance. Will not read anything else ever.

Dancing - Ballroom is excessive amounts of fun and think I may be starting to make some headway.

Singing lesson - Singing teacher also convinced of my brilliance. I'm definately convinced of hers. Especially adore opera. It's so dramatic and so far over the top that you could flounce about all you liked, if you wanted to.

Holywell recital - Pretty damn good, Baritone easy on the eyes and Soprano "Mio Capello!!!!" just about perfect (right Ching?)

I'm bored of listing things but I'm sure you catch the general idea.

Life Good. QED*.

I urge you all to watch the video of Klein Four Group for amazing mathematical barbershoppery. Just stick Klein Four Group in google and be amazed!

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Complications ensue [27 Jan 2006|09:32am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Should probably be doing work. But on the other hand, I should always probably be doing work which means there is no time like te present to update, hurrah.

I've just had a rather fabadab tute where my tutor actually wrote 'excellent' on the bottom of my work. Go me!!! I'm also slightly worried that it will eventually turn out to be ironic or something and I'm actually stupid but until then I shall remain blissful in my ignorance. Or somthing.

Went to see Brokeback Mountain. Was like, 'What?!'

Ditto Rebecca at the Union. I call her Rebecca now.

Anyway, have a full and joyous weekend ahead in which I will be attending the cinema, going to formal hall, to Ms. Han's dinner party, to the pub (Yay! the pub!) or wherever for drinks, PJ, and after all that, room picking. Am 73rd on the ballot. Not too bad but not really bad enough to get an amazing room next year. Hmmmm. Quite exciting nonetheless.

Oh, and work, mustn't forget that one.

Apologies for ranom sprinkling of pronouns. I can never decide whether or not I can be bothered with them or not. Make of that what you will.

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Hurrah! [21 Jan 2006|02:14am]
[ mood | Jolly chuffed, what? ]

Golly, I love it here.

Have so far frequented G&Ds (four times is definately frequented), attended and listened to ALL lectures, aced (ie about 76%) my applied collections, turned someone's room literally unpside down, turned it back the right way, booked opera tickets, watched Pride and Prejudice and gotten rather drunk on three double vodkas and lemonade.

Ooh, also went and listened to amazing memory guy Kim Peek at Union. Mind pretty much boggled. It's better now though.

And made quiche!

And Ching, I cannot think why my floor is covered in tiny little bits of Ferrero Rocher detritus, nor why I seem to be a whole box down on last night...

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Tagged by Ching [08 Jan 2006|09:07pm]
[ mood | Palaeolithic ]

10 things that make me happy in no particular order:

1. Singing!!!!
2. Mes copains
3. Speaking fractured French
4. Alcohol, but that's a chemical effect rather than the fact that it genuinely makes me happy. Still, the title doesn't specify.
5. Dresses. Be they wedding, 50s, ballgowns or of the white summer punting variety.
6. Biscuits. Ice cream. G&Ds. Ben's cookies.
7. Charms for my charm bracelet.
8. Earrings. Shallow but true.
9. Oxford!!!!
10. Maths (it's true I'm afraid)
11. Being unable to count.

OK, If you went to Honley high, you too, must complete this meme. You know who you are...

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Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. [02 Jan 2006|04:06pm]
[ mood | Panic ]

I watched Gone With the Wind and loved it. *sigh* I've read the book but I've never seen the film before. Although I missed the first hour. Still. Much love.

I have also been working (!?) and now only have to revise Calculus of 2 or more Variables, and Probability. I've completed Dynamics, Analysis, Linear Algebra and Geometry and understood about 90%.

The 10% that I didn't understand was pretty much all geometry but I am reliably informed that I can avoid geometry questions in the exam.

Good lord, collections. I am not ready. I just won't be able to do exams at Oxford, and it will be frightfully embarrassing.

O Cielo!!!!

E.T.A. I am informed that the above is somewhat alarming and sounds like I'm on top of my revision. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I say I understand, I mean I understood at the time of reading. Now, of course, I have no idea what my notes were talking about and will not be able to reproduce a single proof.

I hope that clears a few things up!

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Snow [28 Dec 2005|09:59pm]
HA!!! It snowed, so screw you all. And I went for a walk in the snow and took only one photo because there was not actually that much snow above the snowline. It was better last night. Never mind. Snow. Yup. Ha.

I feel I ought to have more to report. Had a lovely Christmas. Fairly quite, family round etc, still eating leftovers. Got slightly drunk on Christmas eve (read 'drunk enough to find it hilarious that I stole three gold beads from the pub) because my friends were buying me double vodkas. Ooops.

Am looking forward to new year, putting off revision and being anxious to start uni again all at once. Yay!

Love Kirsty

Oh, and I need to think up some more new year's resolutions. As somehow I actually kept all my resolutions for 2005. Go me. Sense of achievment and whatnot. Suggestions appreciated.

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Soy bastante contente [14 Dec 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | Content(ish) ]

Good grief my Spanish is woeful.

I have spent a reasonably productive day revising some maths, working over lunchtime at the cafe, going to Morrison's and increasing weekly food shop total by at least 400% and then baking chocolate squidge. Yum! Yes it is as good as it sounds. What we didn't eat straight out of the bowl is now setting in the fridge. Ha! Squidge in the fridge!!!

Feel am going slightly stir crazy however. Why must all Oxfordy friends live either a long way south or too far north? Why are all other friends still away at uni?

Am also on a big Jeeves and Wooster high. How have I never read Wodehouse before? I even saw a bit on the telly this evening. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are the most perfectly cast people ever. So now I desperately want a valet which is a travesty as one is supposed to have a lady's maid. WOE!

"I suppose everyone has had that ghastly feeling at one time or another of being urged by some overwhelming force to do some absolutely blithering act. You get it every now and then when you're in a crowded theatre and something seems to be egging you on to shout 'Fire!' and see what happens. Or you're talking to someone and all at once you feel 'Now suppose I suddenly biffed this bird in the eye!'"

Oh my goodness, this is beyond true. My favourite phrase has to be when Bertie says he is so pipped that he almost put on a white tie with a dinner jacket. God Forbid!!!

Excuse me, I need to go and see if the squidge is set yet.

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Haven't done this in a long time... [04 Dec 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

...but now I am home and have no one to play with/pester and I've only been here a day and have been haunting MSN and obsesively checking my emails in a most unbecoming manner. Woe. At this rate they will not let me into finishing school. I ought to organise a social event and then I could put it on my finishing school CV. I'd have to do all the planning and I could hire caterers and plan the guest list and everything. Then I'd have something to do.

However, tomorrow I'm working so that would be a no.

I think I will put my holiday to good use. I will start soon.

But oh how I miss Oxford. I love it so much.

Woe, ah me, alas, ad nauseum in a Shakespearean style.

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No time... [16 Oct 2005|08:47am]
[ mood | Bouncy but I have a cold ]

I'm having a ten minute break because I have soooo much work to do all of a sudden and I'm being dense over Geometry. Will move onto Pure when kettle has boiled.

LOVE Oxford though. And being a student. It doesn't feel like 'home' yet but I love being here. Went to the Harry Potter society which was most fun and I've been to a debate at the Union (I heart the Union and its delightful poncyness) and I went to orchestra and to choir and I've been to Ben's cookies twice and my bread went mouldy which is a very studenty thing to happen. Hurrah. And we played spoons up and down the corridor :D

In fact woe, for I am breadless.

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Oxford!!!! [12 Oct 2005|09:02am]
Really have no time to do this - I always seem to be multitasking just to get everything done so at the moment I'm also eating breakfast and listening to the news. But I love it here. I haven't quite got over the 'When does my holiday end?' thing but I'm getting there. I called the beautious Waynflete building home the other day.

I joined the Magd singers and the orchestra, I've been to a bop and a club and a few informal room parties. I went to the JCR general meeting, I went to the Union, I failed in a bar quiz and I met (and loved) Connie and Ching among others.


I even understand most of my lectures!

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The life and woes of Miss Smith [26 Sep 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | Accomplished ]

So I got one of my friends, Clare, to cut my hair this afternoon. She fancied a go at cutting someone's hair and I wanted a trim. She did a most excellent job although there were a couple of hairy moments (pun most definately intended). Like when she wandered round the front to take a look.

Clare: *Smiling*
Me: That's a positive expression.
Clare: Sorry, I was thinking about lollipops.

Clare: *Frowning*
Me: That's not such a happy expression.
Clare: ...No.

But it turned out very well and I am tres pleased with it. She also curled it, partly because I have never curled my hair and partly, I suspect, because she wanted to try out the attachments on her hair gadget thing. However, the curls have all fallen out now. Shame. I liked them.

I made a packing list! That is definate Progress.

And also, I am reading Terry Pratchett's Junior Discworld books. I've read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (loved it) and The Wee Free Men (loved it even more) and I'm now half way through A Hat Full of Sky (loving it even more than that). So yay! Why are childrens books the best?

On a side note, I bought Bill Bryson's a short history of nearly everything for 20p in a second hand book stall. *dances*

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Life, the universe and everything, only edited. [24 Sep 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I took my entire family out for lunch. I am so grown up and independant :D

So I went on the requisit get-everything-for-uni shop and actually managed to get everthing on my list. A tin opener evaded me for some time but I hunted one down and pounced, swiping my Net of Rightousness before me and thus returned home triumphant. So have most of the things I need and ought to think about packing. Oh, and my Union card came. Excitement!!! I can't believe I just spent all that money but I did. I also have difficulty with the image of me giving away a hefty accommodation cheque. What if I don't let go? *money worries*

In general though, I am tremendously excited! And envious of all my friends that get to go this weekend. That leaves just me and Clare (who is a Durrhamite and going the day before me).


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Greetings, my impressionable fresher peers. [18 Sep 2005|01:30pm]
[ mood | Sparky ]

I found my college mum!!!!! Here on eljay! This is a cause of great excitement for me. I have a huge extended family including a step-dad and a whole army of half brothers and sisters. Aparently virtually everone in college is related in some way (so anagrammatical could be my long lost second cousin twice removed). As you can see, I am having more fun with this whole family concept than I should.

I finished at Sainbury's (until Christmas anyway) which gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Although we did have a group huddle and get free crisps courtesy of Mr Seabrooks.

Does anyone else ever get sick of living inside their own head? Yesterday, my head was singing all manner of ridiculous songs that I only know perhaps one verse of words too, which means it's like an extremely short CD track stuck on repeat. And I don't know how to work the CD player so I can't turn it off.

Am going shopping for uni-type stuff tomorrow. And on that subject, who is joining the Union? I soooooo want to now. Before I read the little booklet I thought £150 was a lot for a debating club. But then I read about the facilities in the glossy booklet and about the calibre of the guest speakers and the facilities and the free pen and I was hoodwinked. The power of advertising reigns once more.

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My lack of activity is beginning to apall even me. [09 Sep 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | Sing-a-ling-a-ling ]

Bank stuff is all (finally) done. I think. I hope. So I'm not going to dwell on it anymore here.

I also fixed the keyboard and reset it so that all the buttons are the buttons that they say they are on the buttons. *is a button genius*

I fixed up a new singing teacher in Oxford.


Did anyone watch neighbours? (You had all better be clamouring and syaing yes). I was most amused when the announcer guy said "And now back to the story of Paul and his home-made splint". Why is that funny?

Actually, a better idea would be if I came back and edited this and wrote and entry when I actually have something to say. Wouldn't that be a novel idea? ;)

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J'aime beaucoup le postwoman [07 Sep 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | Chuckly ]

This morening I got five letters and a parcel. Letters were all vaguely dull in nature but the parcel was my Magdalen scarf! I have duly been practising my poncing. *demonstrates* See?

I've also been doing my maths and it was all going quite nicely until I Got Stuck. Normally, I can make a cuppa, have a break and then figure it out but this is mathematics I have never encountered before. I tried progressing boldly into the world of mathematics alone but then I realised I have no map to guide me as college took away all my old textbooks and I don't know what to do. *puzzled*

Also, I went to a second hand bookshop and they had a sign outside that read:

(in the plural!!!)

They'd run out of space and I was most amused. I wish I'd had my camera. I may go back and take a picture just for good measure. Am also inclined to go back to purchase copious Enid Blyton books.

*ponces in scarf some more*

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Woe. [06 Sep 2005|07:09pm]
I made buns this afternoon. They were even worse than the cake. *sigh*

I oficially give up on this mixture. It does not work.

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Tired, feet hurt, etc. [03 Sep 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I hate at work when there is nothing for me to do so they make up pointless jobs. We finished stacking the shelves at Sainsbury's by 6:00pm but the shift doesn't finish until 8:00pm. So they make up jobsfor us to do that have no point and don't need doing. So not only am I bored but I actually resent the work. At least stacking is vaguely useful.

Have decided to spend a proportion of todays earnings on a Magdalen scarf. If I'm going to be bored at work I may as well enjoy spending the money. Have wanted a scarf for a while but ahneta has hers and it is entirely prettiful and now I extra want one.

That makes no sense. Grammar wise. Have been altering more signs at work, inserting correct punctuation. It pisses me off.

On the plus side I found a voucher for 2 free tickets to Pride and Prej in the Radio Times (source of all televisual knowledge and wisdom, and then some) and for one our local cinema is particpating. moderately_lea? If anyone else wants to come we should just buy more Radio Timeses. Copious of them. It is cheaper. I don't know if Lauren wants to come, but she hasn't finished reading it, and I think she should first.

The " and @ keys are in the wrong places on this keyboard. It's new, this should not happen. But when I want ", @ comes out. And vice versa. ARRRRRGH!

All this sounds vaguely angry. I'm not, just a little tired and resentful. I'll get over it. Quickly. Now off to reread Shoebox :D

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New computer. Sort of. [01 Sep 2005|02:12pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I know this is way overdue but congratulations one and all results-wise. On results day our computer was taken away for supposedly a brief period of time but then things went wrong and the hard drive got wiped and it took ages but now it's back and beter than ever. But I have a ton to catch up on. Also have several queries massive-wise but will toddle over there to post those.

Want to hear about my enormous cake malfunction? I baked a ginger and walnut cake but the cake tins I used weren't big enough. Undaunted, I filled them up to the top and put the rest in a Yorkshire pudding tin. However, they all rose and overflowed in the oven so I put on tin on a tray on the bottom shelf of the oven and the other tin above it. The top one dripped onto the bottom one and that dripped onto a tray. So far, minor disaster. However, the top one cooked really quickly on top and started to go brown so I took it out and poked it and it sunk in the middle. I switched the tins over to finish off. When they were done, levered out of their tins (with help from a passing JCB), extra bits gobbled up and finally assembled, the icing formed a puddle in the sunken bit of the cake. Tasted good though...

Next time, smae mixture but in bun cases. You can't go wrong with bun cases.

Have also been practising making fajitas for uni to entice new friends. Mexican anybody?

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